Saturday, March 19, 2011

Greg Wallace

I was sitting knocking back a few cans of special brew the other night trying to find something decent to watch on the telly. By chance I happen to flick on to beeb 2 which was showing a program called the Great British Food Revival the first part of the show was hosted by none other than Greg Wallace of a masterchef.

Greg was harping on about how no one eats spuds any more instead we all eat foreign muck like rice and pasta instead, so to sort us all out and spot us eating the foreign foods he was gonna show us how to cook a few potato recipes. 

What do you think Greg's first choice of Spud recipe was?


Now i could be wrong, Ok sure its made wa spuds but the last time checked gnocchi was fuckin Italian.

Greg Wallace is a spud faced twat.

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