Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St Patricks Day food

Its St Pats tomorrow a great excuse for a party, like we ever needed one!

A fair old amount of cheap nasty eyeball and asshole filled reclaimed meat burgers that will be munched tomorrow at various community events. Or for those of us willing to brave the the crowds on the bus in ta town and watch the tacky parade that fuck all to do with good old St Pat (Its about the enviroment this year) sure there are loads of places to chow down. Thinkin about it if you when to McHughs you could chow down while watching Stacy Soloman and some twat called lemar. ( i think he is some kind of ring tailed monkey).

Lemar or Lamar Or what ever

I myself will be saving myself for the now traditional riots in the Holy Lands when all the culchie kids who cant control themselfs  after 2 pints. 

I will be taking a packed lunch of 1 Case of  beer (proberly steiger), a few hard boil eggs (can alway chuck em at the peelers if i get bored).
Traditional St pats bbq in holylands
Cant wait.

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