Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Micky D's second best at best

The great golden arse in the sky might be famous around the globe, but another fast food outlet has passed Micky D’s as the world's largest restaurant chain. 

Subway is the new leader with about a 1000 more shops around the world, than McDonald’s, at least according to Subway.

The US-based chain of over priced sarnies has shoved a shop on just about every frickin corner in last few years.
McDonald's has responded with the usual old shit about it is growing' but is committed to being better and not just bigger.

Anyone who eats there will know this is balls (they only do one burger worth eating)

McDonald's rep claimed that their revenue was £14.85bn (US$24bn) last year compared to £9.2bn (US$15.2bn) for Subway, so Subway could go swivel.

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